Greyhawk Revelations

The Journey Continues

Journey II

Our brave band of heroes arrived at the caravan campsite and discovered it was under attack. The bandits had set fire to one wagon and were attacking the guards and merchants. Soon our heroes joined the fray and turned the tables on the brigand, killing two and capturing the rest. After charming the bandit lieutenant they discovered the band is part of a larger group at the ruined moathouse in Hommlett. The group questioned the bandit lieutenant and sergeant discovering the sergeant to only be working with these brigand due to circumstance. Not being evil as the other bandits she decided to cooperate and became a henchman of sorts. The heroes discovered that one of the merchants was in with the bandits being the consort of the bandit leader. They quickly arrested her and upon arriving back to Hommlett turned each over to the local constabulary. They did however, ask that the sergeant & lieutenant be spared as they were now serving as henchman. The heroes also dicovered that the bandits were working with the folks running the trading post in Hommlett. While deciding what to do about the trading post a group of bandits broke into the stronghold and rescued the leader’s consort and a halfling rogue. Now the party plans to investigate the moathouse while Burn and the council in Hommlett take care of the problem with the trading post.



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