A bad tempered fighter/thief Gnome


Born of humble beginnings, Miruu lived in a impoverished town, her father a gnome farmer who was out of work. Her mothers only skill was homemaking, a skill that did little good when there was not much of a home to make. She had many brothers and sisters whose priorities in life were poorly set, most enjoyed playing in the woods and making friends. Miruu had little interest in such things, she was far to distracted by the amount of work she did to care for her younger siblings and lack of funds to feed them let alone her self. Fed up with her families inadequacies she ran away to make her own way though life to get what she wanted.

Because of her Past, Miruu developed a bad attitude that made it difficult to enjoy the company of others and keeps others from enjoying her company as well. She takes everything personally and develops grudges easily, even those she considers allies. She keeps her distance from, whether it be of fear of them stabbing her in the back, or just that she does not want to appear weak, who knows. Though she has a bad temper she still knows when to control it. Never a good time to loose your cool in the middle of a fancy dinner party you were hired to guard.
Some speculate that under her dark and brooding demeanor she has a soft spot and can be compassionate and kind, but again…this is only speculation.

Now as an adult Miruu makes her money by taking on odd jobs and going adventuring. As a ruthless fighter and a skilled thief there is little she can’t do, or rather little she needs to rely on others to do.


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