A jovial fellow who often offers his services as a guide to adventuring parties.


Elmo stands 6’2" tall and weighs 195lbs. He has shoulder length sandy brown hair a dark brown eyes.he is a stout fellow with a barrel chest. He wears a gray tunic, black breeches, High hard boots, and generally travels light. When adventuring he wears chain armor, a shield, and carries a battle axe. (Which must be provided by those hiring Elmo.) When not adventuring Elmo carries ony a dagger that was given to him by his brother Otis. It is his most prized possession. It is quite fancy with a ruby in the pommel and rune down the blade. It has the inscription to Elmo with admiration from Otis.


While often Elmo is quite inhebriated, he remains sober while performing his duties as a guide. As he will be quick to tell you he is interested in only the money as he uses it to fund his main hobby…Drinking!


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