Garduk Brighthammer


Fighter,lvl 1, Male, Hill Dwarf, Lawful Good, Age 54, 4’6", 170 lbs.
Str: 17, Int: 13, Wis: 13, Dex: 13, Con: 17, Cha: 10, Com:
Dwarven, Gnome, Goblin, Kobold, Orcish, Gnoll, Giant, Common, & Lawful Good.
Saving Throws: Paralysis/Poison 14, Petrification/Polymorph 15, Rod,Staff,Wand 16, Breath Weapon 17, Spells 17.
AC: 5 (Scale Mail & Lg Shield), Hp: 11
Longsword, Horseman’s Flail, Hammer, Hand Axe, Throwing Hammer(x3), Throwing Axe(x3).
Backpack, waterskins(x3), Iron rations (4 weeks), High Hard Boots, Cloak, Belt, Broad Girdle.

PP: 0 GP: 8 EP: 0 SP: 7 CP: 15



Born in the Kron Hills, raised by a family of wealthy dwarven brewers, Garduk and his twin brother Garthak were both exceptionally gifted lads, Garthak naturally came to the worship of the dwarven god of battle, Clanggiden. Garduk had no skill at conjuring divine spells or gaining a god’s attention it seemed, however his skill with the various weapons of war was something altogether frightening for a even seasoned dwarf militia to behold. Garduk was at first content to simply settle into a role as the toughest young dwarf in the Kron Hills militia but fate had its say on one day when a well dressed and quite mouthy dwarf lad decided to challenge Garduk’s claim to that title. Amidst the sound thrashing that Garduk gave the poor noble he did not hear the call by an extremely well respected and powerful captain of the royal guard to lay down his arms, and for his lack of perception and misperceived insolence he was ordered to spend l0 years away from Kron Hills to learn the value of having such a home to return to someday, though now Garduk dreams of establishing his own freehold and building it to one day rival and surpass Kron Hills only on the principle of his wounded pride if not simply to see if he can achieve the lofty goal. Garduk had only two friends in Kron Hills since everyone was naturally drawn to his more socially inclined and attractive brother Garthak, a young gnome named Tobin, who’s family were also brewers and had been friends to the Brighthammer family for generations, and Lenneth Orcbane, a fiery headed young female warrior who would have easily been the top of the training class that Garthak, Tobin and Garduk attended, if not for drawing Garduk as her sparring partner in the combat trials. Tobin was a bit of a sly young man and would have surely enjoyed Garthak’s company more if it had not been for the fact that Garduk had helped him out with bullying in their early school career together and that Garthak’s long winded rhetoric on theology bored the energetic Tobin to tears. Lenneth’s relationship with Garduk would have simply been one sided hatred if not for the fact that she was assigned to the same training unit as Garduk, Garthak and Tobin after the combat trials since Garthak and Tobin scored lowest and Garduk and Lenneth were the two highest, the instructor sought to pair them together to keep Garthak and Tobin safe from the typical training against could easily have overtaken the weaker two. During a training exercise in a forest near Kron Hills Tobin had pointed out three goblins following the unit and at dusk Garduk feigned sleep at his post to try and draw them into a fight in the camp, but Lenneth decided to try and slip away to the nearby creek to take a bath, but in doing so she gave the goblins a much easier target. Garduk and Tobin luckily noticed before the goblins were fully upon Lenneth who was already undressed in the water and thanks the timely arrival of Garthak to reinforce them they were able to slay the goblins and since then Lenneth’s temperament has been confusing to Garduk, one moment complimenting and thanking him for something simple and the next berating him for something of the slightest concern. Before leaving Tobin had two large leatherbound tomes with which to write his 10 year journey in and Garthak had given his twin a silver symbol of Clanggedin knowing that Garduk saw the dwarven battle god as merely a being to emulate not worship but still it’s sight motivated Garduk to always perform his best in battle and practice throughout the years. Lenneth had given Garduk nothing but a cold shoulder the day he left, which was strange to Garduk since he was expecting a spectacular tongue lashing at the very least from her. Garduk carries from his childhood a nearly encyclopaedic knowledge of Dwarven brewing, the strong sense of dwarven pride and honor that all young dwarves are taught and a desire to prove to the nobles of Kron Hill that sending him away will only make him all the more right when they find out that he has built his reputation to such a level that he can start his own freehold that will encompass the small Kron Hills area and even more if Garduk has his way.

Garduk Brighthammer

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