Sarus of Hommlett

An elderly farmer and father of Elmo & Otis.


Sarus appears to be in his early 60’s, stands 5’11" tall, weighing approximately 185 lbs, has thinning white hair and beard. His skin is well tanned. His deep blue eyes tell the tale of a hard life lived. He wear comfortable brown breeches, low soft boots, a stained white linen shirt, & floppy hat.


Sarus is the father of Elmo & Otis. He is a retired fighter who gave up his life of adventuring to raise a family. He was born in Hommlett & as he will sharply tell you, he will die in Hommlett. He is a member of the village militia & as such is still somewhat in practice with his fighting skills.

Sarus of Hommlett

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